Located at 301 S. Pine Street in Pink Hill, the Pink Hill Wellness and Education Center offers a variety of continuing education classes each year. Included in these classes are Computer Related, Health Related, Job Related, and Personal Development Courses. LCC invites you to join one of the many classes offered in your community.

Maximum Tactical Survival offers martial arts classes to children and adults.  The children are taught a unique blend of traditional martial arts and modern self-defense techniques.  The step-by-step learning method will help each student meet and exceed their physical and mental goals on an individual basis.  The adults are taught Commando Krav Maga(CKM).  Maximum Tactical Survival is a Christian based program that serves Jesus Christ and strives to glorify God’s Kingdom.  We respect the history of all martial arts but we realize true mental and spiritual peace comes through knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. 

One of 8 public libraries in the Neuse Regional Library System, Pink Hill Public Library has been serving members of Lenoir and Duplin counties since 1984. Come visit us! We are always happy to have new patrons and make new friends. It would be a pleasure to assist you.

Pink Hill Chiropractic is a family clinic dedicated to helping people regain and maintain control of their health through a holistic approach. Our office offers benefits on a full range of conditions through adjustments, exercise instruction, nutritional counseling, and wellness care. We offer on-site X-ray, therapy, rehabilitation and massage therapy to maximize your healing potential. Dr. Murphy does not promote generic treatment plans; she offers specialized care designed to fit your life and schedule. Our primary goal is to help you reach your maximum potential and teach you how to maintain and exceed that potential long after you have been in our office.

We come to work every day in order to help you and the 1.4 million people like you across eastern North Carolina. In the face of a rapidly changing health care landscape — increasing competition, advancing technologies and a host of other external pressures — many health care systems lose sight of what’s important. Not Vidant Health. Even as we grow, we know that progress isn’t just about moving forward. It’s about how we move forward. That’s why we’ve always been, and always will be, a mission-driven health care system. Our mission, vision, and values continue to lead us on a voyage to excellence. Because the people we take care of — our neighbors, friends, and family — deserve the best.


Pink Hill Wellness & Education Center
301 S. Pine St.
Pink Hill, NC 28572


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